Harmful Behaviors

It is tempting to believe that abusive behaviors are limited to those that cause the visible signs of injury caused by extreme physical assaults. However there are a large number of behaviors that cause harm to others, especially if used against those we love the most. We will ask you to honestly look at your behavior in your relationships to identify how you may have harmed your partner and children, and to learn how to keep it from happening again.

This list contains many harmful and abusive behaviors that cause physical and emotional scars to those we love. If you recognize yourself in this list, you may need help in finding different ways to approach your relationship.

  • Have you ever hit, pushed or punched your partner?
  • Have you frightened or intimidated your partner?
  • Are your children afraid of you?
  • Have you broken anything or punched the wall during a disagreement?
  • Do you call your partner names?
  • Do you pressure your partner to always do things your way?
  • Do you “keep score” of all the things your partner does wrong so you can bring it up during a disagreement?
  • Do you blame your actions on alcohol or drugs?
  • Have you cheated on your partner or forced them into sexual behaviors they don’t want to participate in?
  • Have you been accused of mistreating your children?
  • Are you jealous of your partner spending time with family or friends?
  • Do you say “Sorry” just to smooth over the situation without making any real change in your behavior?