Resources for Victims/Survivors

Being in a relationship with someone who is abusive to you and/or your children is a lonely place. You may feel reluctant to reach out for help because you fear retribution, or because you feel that a domestic violence program will try to force you to leave your relationship. You may be afraid that asking for help will mean that everyone in your community will know your personal business.

We  encourage you to call the programs in your area and talk to them about the services they offer for you and your children. These may include legal advocacy, assistance at court hearings, group or individual counseling, services for children, emergency shelter at a secret location in a time of emergency. All phone calls and services are confidential and free. You will not be judged, but will find out what options there are for you, whether you use them now, in the future, or decide not to at all.

To find resources available in your county or other counties, visit the state map at the “South Carolina Coalition Against Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault” (SCCADVASA) website. Then simply click on any county on the map to review all resources presented.